The main source of carbohydrate in the Mediterranean diet are healthy whole grain cereals and products. Among the whole grains consumed are bulgur wheat, couscous, durum wheat, farro, millet, rice, etc.

Whole grains such as bulgur wheat and farro, are usually served as salad.  Couscous and millet on the other hand, are usually cooked in the way of rice. For durum wheat, it is always processed into flour, which is used to make pasta.

Below are types of grain and grain product which are commonly served as Mediterranean diet food: 


italian-barley-soupBarley: A cereal grain with a rich nut-like flavor and an appealing chewy, pasta-like consistency.
Example: Barley soup

buckwheatbuckwheat-grainsBuckwheat: Triangular seed that is produced by the herb plant. It has nutty flavor and can be cooked and served in a similar way to rice. It can also be milled to make buckwheat flour.
Example: Buckwheat porridge

uncooked-bulgurbulgur-saladBulgur Wheat: Made by soaking and cooking the whole wheat kernel (either through steamed or parboiled), drying it, and then removing part of the bran before grinding the remaining kernel into grains of several distinct sizes. It may be made from any variety of wheat, but durum is the most common. Example: Bulgur salad (tabbouleh)


couscous-rawCouscous: A coarsely ground pasta made from durum semolina (ground durum endosperm).
Example: Couscous with lamb


durum-wheatDurum or Durhum Wheat: Also known as macaroni wheat. It is a type of whole grain wheat that is preferably used for making pasta.
Example: Durum wheat pasta


farro-wheat-grainsFarro Wheat: Also known as Emmer wheat, is an ancient grain, usually eaten as whole grains in soup or salad. It can also be made into farro flour for making pasta and bread. Example: Farro pilaf


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